Meet Jesus

Meet Jesus? What is that supposed to mean?

At Para Hills Church, we want everyone who is interested to have the chance to connect with the living God through faith in Jesus.

Below is a video that explains why Jesus is at the heart of everything we do and why we want everyone to have the chance to meet Him.

We would love to help you meet Jesus. If you come join us on Sunday morning at Para Hills you’ll certainly hear about Him, and we’ll give you a copy of the Bible because it is in the words of the Bible that the voice of Jesus is heard.

Meeting Jesus is not like meeting anyone else. You get to know Him through the pages of the Bible, but it’s not like learning about a character in a book. You meet Him personally and He is present with you, but it’s not like meeting your mates.

Why do I need to know Jesus?

Heart for Jesus :

What do Christians Believe?