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To explain what knowing Jesus means, we really have to start from the beginning.  

We live in a world – in a universe for that matter – which was made by God as an expression of His love and power. Human beings are part of that creation, created by God to receive His love and blessing, and to love and honour Him in return. God created our amazing world as a perfect home for us to enjoy, living in perfect relationship with Him and with each other. Taking care of one another and taking care of this wonderful world.

A pretty obvious question pops up at this point: What on earth went wrong?

In the Bible, God tells us how we managed to lose the perfect home that He created for us. From the first human beings, we have made the disastrous decision to serve and honour ourselves instead of God. Made the decision to reject God’s perfect wisdom and rule over our lives, and decide for ourselves what is best for us. To serve ourselves instead of each other, and put ourselves first instead of God. 

The results are clearly seen all around us. Hearts and minds have become dark. 

Our world and our relationships have fallen into ruin. We are so much less than what we were made to be. 

As a human race, we have set ourselves on a trajectory that leads us

deeper and deeper into brokenness and darkness.

Bear in mind that this world that we have broken never belonged to us. It belongs to God. 

And that’s bad… for us. It’s not ours, and we broke it. Big time. And instead of going back to God, we follow our trajectory further and further away from Him. God loves His world and He loves us. But there’s a problem because our actions and our disrespect demand justice. 

God is good and just. He is very passionate about justice. 

The whole human race is guilty of this terrible mess we have made.

But because of God’s great love and mercy, He chose not to wipe us out. Instead, He comes to us. He speaks to us. Telling us Who He is and showing us what He is like. The whole Bible has one great story: the story of a Father on a mission to bring His lost children home. Through the centuries He spoke to people through the Old Testament. The Old Testament was revealing God’s plan to send a Saviour. One who could redeem us from our brokenness. One who could change our trajectory into darkness and ruin. That Saviour is Jesus.

In God’s amazing plan, the suffering and death of Jesus has provided a way for our rebellion against God to be dealt with. 

Jesus’ death on the cross satisfies the requirements of God’s perfectly reasonable judgement against our rejection of Him

and the mess that we have made of our lives and His world. 

You see, Jesus' mission was to go to the cross and rise again in order to give you an invitation to come home. 

An invitation to be forgiven. Completely forgiven.

We meet Jesus – Jesus introduces Himself to us – in the pages of the Bible. In the gospels, Jesus invites you to come and follow Him. He gives you the chance to make a new choice – a choice to say “yes” to God’s invitation to come home. An invitation to know, love and worship God. An invitation to love and serve other people. An invitation to allow Jesus to deal with your failure and sin, and to learn from him what it really means to be human.

There is so much more to know and love about Jesus. 

The more you know Him, the more you will love Him and be amazed at Who He is and what He is like. 

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