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THe Vibe at Para Hills Church

We want to make it easy for you to connect with us

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with us, so when you arrive at Para Hills Church, one of our people will meet you at the door and invite you in. The service starts at 10:30am, and everything we do revolves around what God has said in the Bible.

We’re pretty taken with the Bible

We’re pretty taken with the Bible. It’s made up of 66 books written by about 40 different authors over a period of 1500 years, and yet it tells one big story. It is the story of God who created everything, of humanity who have lost everything, and of God’s mission to rescue humanity through sending Jesus into the world. We’re convinced that the Bible contains the most important message that you can ever hear, so we do everything we can to make the message as clear as possible.

We try to focus on one main idea from the Bible each week

Each week at Para Hills Church, we aim to focus on one basic idea from the Bible. Our whole service on Sunday is built around and focussed on that one basic idea. We pick songs that are related to the theme, and Kids Church covers the same passage, with the same basic idea, so you can talk to your kids on the way home, or during the week. We publish Growth Group booklets each term with studies based on the weekly sermon, as well as a daily devotional that you can access on your smart phone or home computer. 

We plan our services to run for a bit over an hour

We print a runsheet for the service in the newsletter each Sunday, and give you an idea of the time that we expect the service to take. We really want everything that happens on Sunday to be clear, interesting, and easy to understand – so please feel free to ask questions if there is something that don’t understand or want to know more about.

You should come along this Sunday – we’d love to have you!

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