New to Para Hills Church

The Basic format of our Sunday Services

So here’s a basic run through of what happens at Para Hills Church on Sundays:

A few songs

We sing because God has given us a whole new theme song for our lives, one that is not about us and what we do. The songs that we sing are about Jesus and what He has done for us. We love music, and are working on ways to nurture excellent music here at Para Hills Church.

Some prayers 

We pray because God not only speaks to us, He invites us to speak to Him. We thank God for the good things that He has given us. We ask Him to forgive the wrong things that we have done and to help us change to be more like Jesus in the way we relate to people and the world around us. 

We love Adelaide and really care about the people who live here, so we ask God to bless our city and make it an excellent place to live. 

A Kids Spot

Kids are really important members of our church family, so we have a spot in the service that is especially for them. Jesus is for everyone, and we want our kids to know that. We want them to grow up to be people who know and love Jesus as their Saviour and King.

A Video

We are really grateful to God for our partnership with Creek Road Presbyterian Church in Brisbane. We live in a very visual world, and the media team at Creek Road makes videos that help focus our thoughts on the Bible Reading and the big idea each week.

A reading from the Bible

We’ve already said a fair bit about the Bible, but it really is the most important part of Para Hills Church. The Bible is God’s message to us, and He uses it to transform our lives and draw us to Himself. Our goal is for our service to be built on what the Bible says, and to communicate it’s message in a way that is excellent and clear.

A 25 minute Bible Talk

The word “sermon” comes from the Latin sermo- which means “a talk”. At Para Hills Church, our sermon is about the Bible, so we just call it a Bible Talk. The Bible Talk will explain how the reading from the Bible reveals Jesus to us, and how Jesus provides answers to our big questions about life. 

We don’t try to give all the answers in one hit – we look at the Bible passage more deeply in our Growth Groups during the week.

We want our the services at Para Hills Church to be a place that you are happy to invite your friends to, knowing that they will be welcome here, 

and that they will have the best possible chance to hear the message about Jesus, trust in Him and begin following Him too.

We want Para Hills Church to be a place where you can come and hear the amazing message about Jesus. 

We want to be a place where people can meet Jesus and put their trust in Him. 

We want to be a Church that gathers together to celebrate Jesus, living lives that follow Him.

You should come along this Sunday – we’d love to have you!

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