About Us

Para Hills Church is for everyone because Jesus is for everyone – it is never too late, never too soon. God welcomes everyone who comes to Him through Jesus, and for that reason, you are welcome here. Seriously.

Our goal as a church family is to know, honour and enjoy Jesus together, growing to be more like Him, making Him known as Saviour and King. We want everyone to hear the amazing news about Who Jesus is and What He has done for those who put their trust in Him. We think everyone should have the chance to know Him for themselves.

We'd love to meet you in person - we meet at 10:30am Sundays at 174 Maxwell Road, Para Hills

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What We Believe

Para Hills Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and our church has a written document that summarises what we believe are the core teachings of the Bible. This document is called the Westminster Confession of FaithWe’re pretty taken with the Bible. We are convinced that the Bible is God’s message to humanity in every place and in every time. We believe that every part of the Bible points us to Jesus Christ, and that it contains answers to the deepest and most important questions of the human soul. We love answering questions about who Jesus is and what the Bible is all about, so feel free to contact us for more information, or even better, come by and say hello.

Our Mission

By now you may have worked out that Para Hills Church is all about Jesus. 

If not - Para Hills Church is all about Jesus.

Jesus has established His church to worship God, nurture His people, 

and bear witness to the world about Who He is, what He has done, and

what He requires of us all. 

So our goal at Para Hills is to be a vibrant community of people who honour and enjoy Jesus in everything, growing as His followers, and making Him known as Saviour and King.

In Jesus, we have discovered forgiveness, new life, and living hope that comes from being set right with God. 

The good news from God is that Jesus, and freedom He offers is for everyone.

Our mission at Para Hills Church? 

Is to reach our city and the world with the amazing news

about forgiveness, hope, new life, and true freedom

from God through Jesus.

The Church Family

You will find all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, doing all sorts of things at Para Hills Church. Our goal is to care for one another and make new people welcome, helping them connect with us, and with Jesus among us. That is what we are all about.